"Pookie" (Lyle DeRose)
Actor Aspiring at the speed of light:
Think Chris Farley crossed with intimidating biker looks, very charismatic, extremely funny and quick witted, that's Pookie in a nut shell. 
He is the ultimate addition to any project. He can be the scene maker, the big bad guy with a maniacal laugh and a real bon vivant with the munitions.
Got a boring show? Let him loose and you'll have a hit.
If you want to add some flavor, he is the (hot) sauce.
With Scene Study and Improv experience, he "IS" the perfect addition to any project.

Pookie's TV, Films and Links:

Popsy is finished, here is the trailer!

Stephen King Short Film.


Commercial - Colorado Classic Windows -  Kingdon Sight St

Untitled Feature Film (coming soon) - http://youtu.be/lYGFsM0kHXc

NBC Night Shift - Airing soon!

"Lords of War" - Season 1 Episode 5 - National Geo Graphichttp://youtu.be/TND9M3HvEPU 

"American Guns" - Season 2 Episode 4 - Discovery Channel - http://youtu.be/ttfcaJYN0eE

Be sure to check out the photo Gallery and Demo Reels!!!!!


Lyle DeRose

Longmont, Co 80501

Email: derose@live.com

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